A Boy and his Dog

May 12th, 2010


My friend Neil Sattin is a cool guy .  He lives in Portland, Maine  with his lovely wife, Tonya (who writes a really funny parenting blog called HappyDash.com), and his two little kids.  I spent many a cold, wintry afternoon watching Dr. Phil  with Tonya after she gave birth to their first little one.  Neil would come down from his upstairs office and wince when he saw what was on the boob (the electronic one), and then join us in our guilty pleasure…

I even know his dog, Nola,  who was once so badly behaved that a professional dog trainer suggested she be euthanized.  Neil would have none of it.  Instead, he sought out a discipline called "Natural Dog Training" which helps the owner perceive the world from his or her dog's eyes… or heart, to be precise. 

You see, dogs follow their prey drive, and in Natural Dog Training, the human tries to align with that, instead of dominating, thwarting, or breaking it .  And what's the best way to align with the prey drive?  Oh, BECOME THE PREY!!   In this technique, you actually bond with your dog by acting more like prey than master.  Your dog becomes instantly and enthusiastically attracted to you when you retreat and "push" gently against your dog's drive, which reinforces his attraction to you.   YIN AND YANG BABY. 

This leaves your hopelessly and pathetically in love with you .  Well, that and a fanny pack full of treats.  If only human made this much sense!

If you're having trouble with your dog and you'd like a more natural approach that aligns with your dog's nature, check out Neil's site.  He's got videos and other cool products and a great blog


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One response to “A Boy and his Dog”

  1. Neil says:


    I am so honored to have been featured on your site. And it IS very yin-yang, even with a fanny pack. That’s what the little dots are on the yin-yang, right? Fanny packs!


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