December 4th, 2012


From The MILF Diet…

"MILFiness is all about balance.  By staying balanced, MILFs are healthier, sexier and have more fun.

Your body is constantly finding balance for you.  By pumping your heart, exhaling toxic gases and keeping your blood at a proper pH, you maintain a delicate balance called homeostasis.  This system can handle a remarkable number of twists and turns on the road of your existence, adapting to stress, challenges and the trillions of mindblowing shifts that happen every second on a cellular level. This internal balancing act is one of the great miracles of life. 

And balance isn’t just happening inside of you; you are a product of a vast network of organic systems all striking their natural balances; they include the soil, the oceans, vegetation, the atmosphere and space itself.  So naturally your inner world seeks to balance with the outer world; you relax into sunlight and shiver when it’s cold.  You experience teenage joy in the spring and mature melancholy in the fall.  You give love to your family and receive it back from them in kind.  That’s healthy. You are meant to harmonize with the bigger systems of nature.  You are meant to feel connected to all of life."

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