Changing Your Template

November 13th, 2012



By switching from animal food to plant protein, you are slowly re-building your entire body with new materials.  It’s like moving from a concrete house to a lovely wooden one.  It may feel uncomfortable for a bit… that’s why I encourage some transitional hybrid-esque dishes for a while… but you are undergoing a complete overhaul, on a cellular level.  Remember, we are what we eat.  If you have eaten animal food for all of your life, you are MADE of animals.  Your bones, and muscles and organs and sinew contain the energy, the density and the twitchiness of animals.

By beginning a plant-based regime, you will, slowly but surely, be made of plants.  That’s a very different experience on the planet.  When I traded in flesh for plants, I started to “think” more like a plant.  The metaphors I used became about being rooted, blooming, fertilizing, and growth.  I started to actually relate to plants more… walking through the woods was a visceral experience that resonated with me on a cellular level—as if I was a part of it, a product of it.  I no longer felt like I wanted to “attack” a hike.  Nor do I ever want to “tear into” a person.  If anything, and I know this will sound corny, I feel like my loved ones and I are all flowers in a garden and we have the privilege to support one  another and enjoy each other’s blooming.  I really feel that.  It’s a very peaceful and pleasant way of experiencing life. Goofy as it sounds, I am made of plants!

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