September 12th, 2009

Weird day.  Thought I would be on a plane by noon, but in a moment of “sometimes abundance sucks” took my WRONG passport.  You see, I am a Canerican… both Canuck and Yank, and I guess I just pulled my Canadian  passport off the shelf this morning.  No biggie, you say, Canadians are still welcome most places, and that’s true except that I let my maple passport expire in the last few years.

When I realize this screw-up at the Air Canada desk at LAX, I curse.  I know exactly what this means.  There’s no talking my way out of this one, no “can I use my license?” because the rules changed a few years back and the rules are the rules are the rules and I—as a half Canadian—should know that.

It meant a pretty big hassle, and because I’ve been chewing for the last few days, I was totally present for the hassle.   I was present for the tears I shed in my car driving back home. Tears that cleaned me out of deeper, older stuff than I’d gathered just today. But I was also present for the denoument, the passing of chaos, and the wonderful nap I took at my apartment after three hours of stress. 

I’m at the airport again, only this time I’ve made it past check-in.  I’m $200 poorer, but I had a great day.  I took myself to the beach, where every single sensation, from the sand rolling beneath my feet as I walked, to the salty water in my mouth, to the ridiculously strong push of a wave all… took me.  I was theirs.  It was beautiful.  I went to dinner with a friend, where I chewed while he talked, and vice versa. 

And now I’m flying to Toronto, to make it a truly International Chew-a-thon.  And considering the Toronto film festival is going on right now, who knows how many celebs I’ll get signed up for the Big Chew?

Be well.

P.S. Just discovered that the CHEW-A-THON is making the news!! 

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  1. Meg Wolff says:

    Wow, you were present for that experience. You just went with the flow(even the tears!). Love your choice of photos!!

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