September 21st, 2009

Okay, this is my last post about the CHEW-A-THON, I promise.  But I just want to enumerate some of the lessons I got from the experience, and encourage others to post their own. 

First of all, I learned that it’s REALLY HARD to chew every mouthful 100 times.  Not because it’s physically hard, but because whenever there is another human in front of me, my body tenses slightly out of a desire to connect, and it becomes more difficult to achieve the relaxation and saliva for thorough mastication. 

That being said, because I committed to the best of my ability, I did chew most of the time.  Which amounted to much, much more chewing than I do in my regular life.  I felt:  completely in the moment, drama-free, and after a few days, very light in my body.  Chewing actually gave me a real appetite for the next thing going on in my life.  It propelled me forward, and left little or no resistance.  I really, really liked that.  I felt my feelings deeply and was tapped in to my creative source for the first time in a while.  I felt good physical energy, had unwavering attention and just started to really "chew" on the rest of life.  That was cool.  It made me want to go on Dancing with the Stars!!

Others reported that the experiment really changed their awareness of food.  Not knowing how powerful just a simple bowl of food is, and how much energy can be taken from it, they were amazed when lunch became a torpedo.  And of course, there were reports of less farting and easier pooing.  Always a blessing.  

I’ve come away with a renewed respect for chewing.  Isn’t it funny that the simplest things in life are the most powerful, and they never seem to change?  We slap our foreheads and say: I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WHEN I GET ENOUGH SLEEP!! or YOGA IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!  or CHEWING MAKES ME STUPID HAPPY!!

And it does.  Please re-read the latest blog posts about chewing; I know I will.  They include the history, the science behind it, the benefits and the chewing video.  Please read Lino Stanchich’s book, The Power Eating Program, for more inspiration.  And here’s a tip I think will help us all:  Wolf the first 1/3, enjoy the second 1/3 and chew the third 1/3.  If we eat every meal like this, we will get the benefits of chewing all-year round without becoming monks.  It also works nicely with your digestive enzymes.  Don’t wait for the next CHEW-A-THON to begin.

Thanks to all of your who chewed during the CHEW-A-THON.  And even to those who just thought about it. Go forth and masticate!


P.S. Just wanted to add that I didn’t blog the last two days of the CHEW-A-THON because, upon arriving in Toronto, my hard drive decided to die.  Second hard drive in two years.  Between screaming and yelling and chewing and crying tears of joy when I heard that it’s still under warranty, I couldn’t write.  Computer was in the shop getting a re-hab and Canada doesn’t have the internet yet!! :)

P.P.S. Canadian readers: don’t get mad.  It’s a joke.  Come out of the igloo and laugh a little!

P.P.P.S. That was a joke too.  Maybe if you stopped eating all that maple syrup, you’d understand!

P.P.P.P.S. Okay, another joke, but admittedly really bad.  I’m Canadian, so I’m allowed to make jokes about Canada.  Even bad ones.  xoxo


One Response to “CHEW-A-THON Wrap up”

  1. Candice says:

    I am very grateful for the Chew-a-thon! After only two days of chewing well, I had such clarity about my life. I realize how small I keep my life… and even though I think of myself as an open-minded person, I don’t allow myself to go beyond dreaming. I always have great ideas but then say “I can’t do that, etc…”. Well I can do anything that I want to do! I just have to chew most of my meals really well!

    And I’m so excited about this one… I am gearing up to go Whole Hog! I bought ‘The Self Healing Cookbook’ and have been reminded why I was drawn to Macrobiotics when I bought my first book over 10 years ago (‘The Macrobiotic Way’)… and why I was drawn to your book, Jessica. I feel like I CAN do this. I WANT to do this…

    I feel like being on Dancing With the Stars, too! lol

    Chew Chew PoweR!!


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