Converting to Chew-daism

September 1st, 2009

With the CHEW-A-THON fast approaching, I put together a little chewing tutorial so we could all get on the same page re: technique.

For more info on the CHEW-A-THON, click here.


6 responses to “Converting to Chew-daism”

  1. Mimi Shines says:

    That was the cutest little chewing video ever!

  2. Dominic Kelly says:

    okay, so the “chewing” your saliva part is kinda like the warm-up, no?!

    your videos always encourage me sooo much!
    thank you


  3. Jennifer says:

    I nearly choked on my saliva laughing. But, man, did I ever produce a lot of saliva. It will be interesting to lengthen my eating times.

  4. Jessica:
    Great going.
    Always wanted to do that myself

    P.S. Let’s have Social Intercourse AND Mastication!

    Also writing a nice article: Our Kitchens as Wellness Centers. Here’s the first paragraphs

    Our Kitchens As Wellness Centers

    As a way of introduction to Our Kitchens As Wellness Centers, may I repeat an old cliché and what I consider to be a simple truth, “we are what we eat!” What I found over thirty (30) years ago is that the food we choose to eat creates us and ALL that we are. It always has and always will. Whether we are in great or in poor physical and/or mental condition, we have created this condition through the biological and psychological “food” that we have taken into our bodies, whether it be actual physical food, mental thoughts, or whatever exists in the visible and invisible environment surrounding us. Developing the knowledge of what to take and allow into our bodies is one of life’s important practices.

    The knowledge and practice of eating optimal food gives us the biological foundation and the confidence to live in this world without the fear of getting sick! One’s selection, preparation and eating of wholesome and nourishing foods is of vital importance for one’s optimal health and long-term survival on this planet.

    Where does this begin? Right in one’s own kitchen! The kitchen is our wellness center! It is the heart of the home! The hearth from which we nourish our families, our communities, ourselves! This is wonderful news as it empowers us to take our own health into our own hands.

    How do we transform our kitchens into wellness centers, thereby creating the health, happiness, and peace we all seek?


  5. Sue Rostvold says:

    Nicely done Jessica. Impressive chewing.

    Coincidentally I started my own Chew-a-thon on September 1st as well! In fact, I started a healing diet on Monday, thank god I got a hold of a delicious tamari daikon pickle to keep my rice company. I discovered macrobiotics 15 years ago, studied extensively, but have never really committed 100% if you know what I mean. Life is a roller coaster and I’ve had my nutritional ups and downs for sure. But now I am attempting no coffee, no sugar, no alcohol, and the hardest part? Chewing! But in just four days I feel calmer and more balanced. Pretty powerful stuff.

    And so glad to stumble upon your blog! I predict I’ll be a frequent visitor. Thanks!

  6. Klara Levine says:

    I’ve been sharing your video on chewing from the Health Forum and also this blog – rereading it now, and see that the video above is unavailable. Wondering if that’s just a problem I have, or it’s something you can remedy??

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