Gold Mine

October 16th, 2012

While the world gets faster and faster, louder and crazier, thank goodness some lovely, peaceful things just keep humming along.  Take Gold Mine Natural Foods, for instance, a San Diego company which has been importing and distributing the highest quality natural foods since 1985.  

Started by MILFy Jean Richardson, Gold Mine continues to maintain standards much higher than necessary; creating their own unpasteurized saurkraut and kimchi, selling only unpasteurized "nama" shoyu and tamari… they also import the most exotic and amazing grains and beans from around the world, including stuff like ORGANIC MEKONG FLOWER RICE:   or really MILFy sounding stuff like:


I have ordered from Gold MIne for almost 20 years now, but I had never seen the operation up close, so I paid a to visit Jean at the Gold Mine offices and warehouse in San Diego.  I saw where they bottle the shoyu, ume vinegar and other liquid products, how they roll their oats fresh, to keep the essential nutrients and oils, and I got a glimpse (and a listen) to their burping crocks of organic saurkraut: 

It's a beautiful and important company, keeping our food supply nourishing, GMO-free and of the highest quality.

Thank you, Jean!

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