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June 5th, 2013

I resisted teaching cooking classes for many years.  You see, I love to the teach, especially the principles of macrobiotic cooking, eating and living… but teaching cooking classes usually involves securing a venue, organizing people, and (the worst) SCHLEPPING SO MUCH STUFF!! And being a bit of a hurricane myself, the more cracks there are to drop things through, the more I drop.  Or better yet, hurl. 


So one day, I smacked myself on the head  and said "Teach from your home, silly!!" and POOF! Five years of resistance just evaported.  No schlepping.  No signing contracts.  No dropping the rice paddle between the seats of the car!  

I already taught a Spring series last month, and it went really well.  We yakked, and cooked, and chewed and generally got silly.  All while learning some of the most powerful information I've ever come across.  

If you live in Southern California , or know someone who does, please come join the party.  Sundays, between 2 and 5, starting June 16th and going until July 14th (skipping July 7th). When we hit maximum capacity, I'll open up a second time. 

Each class is $60, or you can come to all 4 for $200, if paid in full at the first class.

You can register by emailing me at jessicathehipchick@gmail.com.   

Chew well,


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