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February 20th, 2013

Sorry, I wrote this on Sunday, but forgot to put it on this blog page.  Please follow my new blog here.

Chew Ye, Chew Ye!!

Welcome to the Annual International Facebook Celebrity Charity Chew-a-thon!!!


Okay. We have no celebrities (yet). And it’s not for charity (yet), but we are most certainly international, with Chewers participating from all over the world… including Spain, Britain, Israel, Australia, Canada, Japan and even a little town called New York City!! We have Chewers of all ages, all professions, all backgrounds… with only one thing in common… WE ALL HAVE TEETH, AND GOSHDARNIT, WE ARE GOING TO USE THEM!!!


If you’ve ever fantasized about feeling light, floaty, zen and happy-for-no-reason, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to drop a couple of pounds, while experiencing every moment to its fullest, you’re welcome here. If you’ve ever tried to explain the benefits of chewing to a friend, and just gotten a weird look, WE FEEL YOUR PAIN. Welcome!!!

So here are the rules: Starting Monday morning (Feb. 18), whenever that is for you, start chewing your food… aiming at 50 chews per mouthful. It doesn’t matter what you are eating. Anyone with a mouth is welcome at the Chew-a-thon.

Just chew. And chew. And chew.

We will chew like champions for exactly one week, checking in with each other to support and encourage the team. If you gulp a meal, you are not disqualified. Just jump right back into the chewing saddle. There is only encouragement, love, and saliva here. We don’t bite people, just vegetables.


Some tips and guidelines:

1) If you are having a hard time chewing everything, but still want to participate, aim to chew half your meal (usually the last half–easier to chew when you’re not ravenously hungry). You will still see amazing results from chewing half your plate. If you can, chew everything. This yields the most dramatic results. You should see weight loss, increased energy, a feeling of connectedness with your body, peace of mind, creative insights, and award-winning poops (no photos!!)…

2) Some things are easier to chew than others. For example, whole grains, vegetables and beans are pretty easy to chew, especially when you introduce a teensy bit of pickle into the mouthful. This helps to generate saliva. Fruit and sweets tend to break down very quickly, and animal protein just gets stringy in your mouth. Complex carbs are the best.

3) Keep count on your hand. When I chew, I only ever count up to ten, and then I stick a finger out to register “ten”. Then a second finger at “twenty”, etc. That way, I don’t need to count to fifty, just ten, five times. Capisci?


4) Later in the week, if you can get to 100, go for it. You can do it. Let’s all try.

5) Please share the Chew-a-thon with everyone you know. Please post your successes, and challenges, as you chew along. Tell us how you’re feeling to motivate us all!

When posting about it, please tag me in your post, so it shows up on my wall, and everyone can see it if they choose to. My wall will be Chew-a-thon Central. (SEARCH FACEBOOK “JESSICA PORTER SANTA MONICA” TO FOLLOW ME PERSONALLY) Let’s experience the benefits of mastication and share it with EVERYONE!! Pictures of Chewers are welcome, but no mouth-full-of-chewed-food shots, please


We can also share on Twitter with the hashtag #Chewathon. I will be checking in every couple of hours to hear from Chewers from around the world.

I can hardly wait…


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