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January 18th, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  I haven’t blogged lately.  BECAUSE I’VE BEEN COOKING!!! Like, almost every day, dude!  I’ve also been gearing up for the online cooking classes starting next week by looking through recipes and re-reading Michio Kushi’s The Book of Macrobiotics, just to make sure I know what the heck I’m talking about.

But back to the cooking.  When I saw my mother over Christmas, and how she just cooks like a machine, I made a commitment to cook for 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  You might have assumed that I already cooked that much, being the obnoxious macro guru I purport to be, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG.  Cooking regularly is one of the biggest issues in my life.  And I’ve actually prayed about it on a number of occasions, saying “Hey Goddess, I know all this cool stuff about food… I even LIKE health food… You’ve even blessed me with this annoying hypochondria so that every time I eat crummy food I retreat into an ‘I’m gonna get cancer’ paralysis… and I know that by cooking every day my life would be so much better…. please help me!”  And yet, I would have this strange resistance–like an anorexia that springs up in the face of my desire.  But watching my mother cook from such surrender busted through all that.  She just did it.  No questions asked.

And I have been feeling terrific!!!  So much energy.  Clarity.  Feelings.  A wonderful sense of forward momentum.  And relief from that horrible hypochondria.

I also went back to acting class.  Ugh.  I’m realizing that I actually have to change (Scream).  And grow (teeth chattering).  Be vulnerable (excuse me while I jump off this cliff!).  And trust my teacher.  Yeah, right.

Truth be told, after I’ve had my hissy fit, I love it when life surprises me–when I get sucked down a vortex I didn’t know was there.  And I had totally forgotten that acting was an unending education, like macrobiotics.  I became arrogant and fixed, rigidly protective of my “self”.  And George Ohsawa said that arrogance is the worst form of illness   Of course, life holds a million vortices waiting to consume us, but the ego does everything to lock into its patterns and habits, repeating them until it feels that lovely illusion of security. BYE BYE EGO.  At least in acting class.

Speaking of class, please join me online so we can cook together.  I’m so excited to send this information out over the web to people all over the place.  I realize that the time zone won’t work for some of you, but as soon as these classes run smoothly, I will create a new time that will work for more hip chicks ’round the planet.


Have a great weekend,


3 Responses to “Just Keep Cooking”

  1. I just read your book, it was great! Trying some of your recipes out this week and just found your website. Interested in finding out more about your online cooking classes.

  2. me says:

    Hey lady, I have been cooking for 3 whole
    months now and just when I thought I needed
    a break, you are all excited about this
    “cooking” thing again….;-) Good for you.
    I used to only “cook” on special occasions,
    I hated cooking. You should see the kitchen
    after I’m through uh what could best only
    be described as “creating”.

    PS. One of my fav recipes is the chickpea
    croquettes made with Eden’s black eyed peas
    in a can. For some reason the dried black
    eyed peas don’t make me swoon quite as much.

    PSS Acting class? I’d rather face a firing
    squad…but that’s me.

  3. me says:

    I meant black-eyed pea croquettes. Sorry.
    And you have to only use the food processor
    for 2 seconds, that gives them more body.
    Oh and those Oat Bars are the best thing I
    ever ate. Quinoa to die for…this food
    is the best!

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