Los Angeles Macrobiotic Conference

October 4th, 2012

There's nothing like a macro get-together; it's a bunch of lovely people, all riding the nice, mellow vibe of whole grains, getting together and reminding one another that–even though our practice goes against the national grain–that we are not so strange after all.  That what we're doing makes sense and brings a lovely peace and happiness to our lives.   

On October 13th, many of us will be getting together in Los Angeles .  

Teachers like

William Spear,  David Briscoe,                                              

and the husband/wife team of

Eric LeChasseur and Sanae Suzuki  will all be teaching there, plus many more.  

Heck, I'm even giving a speech in the evening called The Neuroscience of Yin and Yang about what the male and female brains are teaching us about yin and yang.  


It's a great time to eat good food;  to get a consultation; meet amazing people; to relax.  Seed Kitchen will be catering!

If you can make it to LA that weekend, I strongly recommend that you come.  You will be nurtured on every level…

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