More Reasons to MILFify

October 23rd, 2012



Because the MILF Diet is made up of whole foods, cooked according to simple, natural principles, it will bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.  You will begin to connect with the fundamental rhythms of your body, the seasons and the natural world.  Eating foods replete with vitamins, minerals and good-quality carbs, you will feel energized and vibrant.  By reducing animal protein and shifting toward a more plant-based regime, you will feel light and flexible.  And when you take the plunge and start eating some powerful plants from the sea, you will nourish your blood, bones, hair and skin. 

If you have a hard time connecting with your sensitivity and inner softness, this diet will help you stop and smell the roses.  If you give endlessly and feel like you’re disappearing,  MILFy foods will help you re-discover that line between yourself and others, and you will begin to dance it happily.  Nature is continually seeking balance; you should be too. 

Most exciting, the MILF Diet will help you align with your birthright of profound feminine energy.  It will strengthen and support you on every level, showing you new depths and facets of yourself.  If you decide to cook MILFier foods for your family, you will begin to appreciate this magic from a yet another angle; by nourishing your brood with natural food, you will begin to wield an ancient womanly power.  You will begin to create a stronger, saner and happier world.

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