New Year, New Book

January 2nd, 2013



In the publishing industry, this time of year is known as "New Year, New You", because it is when all the diet books come out.  Everyone wants to purge the excesses of the holiday season, and find that perfect regime, that one can FINALLY stick to… This will be the year!

What I love about macrobiotics is that–since I made my leisurely transition to a grain and vegetable-centered diet–I don't have to think that way anymore.  Sure, my eating goes a little wonky over the holidays, but that's just life.  And on January 1st, I happily fall back into the sane and simple way of eating that has served me for over twenty years now.  My body literally demands that I do it, as opposed to my will trying to force me to.  It's not a "new year, new me"; instead, it's more like "new meal, new me" because I feel a wonderful renewal of body, mind and spirit with every macrobiotic meal I eat.  


Oh yeah, The MILF Diet came out yesterday.  I'm very excited about it.  Please check it out.  And if you enjoy it, please spread the word…

Here's a nice write up that was distributed on the Associated Press:

Happy New Year! 

xo Jessica

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