On Chewing

November 27th, 2012

From The MILF Diet…




I got up to 12 chews before everything went down the hatch.

But I kept trying. And the next day it happened. By the end of my bowl of rice and roasted winter vegetables, I had made it to 36.

And something else happened, or should I say, didn't happen.

I didn't crave a dessert after my meal.
I didn't dread going to bed for fear I would lay there trying to decide whether or not to make a big pot of pasta, or go get the Ben and Jerry's… or the peanut butter.

You see, I’ve been a binge eater all my life.
I’ve bitten my finger shoving food into my mouth.
I used to finish my father's Big Macs, after eating my own.
I used to beg for sugar.
I've gone out in lousy weather, in bad neighborhoods, at ungodly hours to go get something to eat.

So since dedicating myself to chewing my food thoroughly ‘til everything becomes a slightly sweet liquid, those late night tremors, that sheer hell of climbing the walls trying to feed that animal inside…

Well it just doesn’t happen.
And it hasn't happened for the last several weeks.
I just chew.
and I'm up to 60.

Chew your food.
Grain is good, but if you can't do that just yet, hell, just chew your food. Start somewhere.

–Anna Romer, Los Angeles MILF

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