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October 9th, 2012

From page 71 of The MILF Diet… 




"You need to shut up about this.  Zip it, girls.  I mean it. 

Yes, of course, share with your MILFy friends.  But when it comes to your family, this is a stealth health mission.  Shut the freak up.

Let the food do the talking.

Over time, your nine year-old will notice that she has a headache, or bad dreams, after eating birthday cake at Emma’s house.  All you have to ask is “what happened? What did you eat?”.  Let HER figure it out.  Not you.  If you are doing all the figuring out, you interfere with her listening to her own internal signals.  Over time, she will start to put two and two together.  It doesn’t mean she’ll have the perspective or discipline to stop eating crappy stuff at nine years old, but she’s building an archive of experiences that will serve her the rest of her life.  She is finding her balance.     

Ditto your DILF.  Let him proudly declare that he’s pooping more easily.  That he’s playing a better game of tennis.  Greet it with a ho-hum “That’s nice, sweetheart”.  Let HIM realize how sluggish he feels after eating the roast beef at the wedding.  You don’t have to warn him before he takes that first bite. 

And all the changes you’re noticing in yourself and own burgeoning MILFiness?  No need to enumerate them at the dinner table.  Your family will feel that your mood is more stable.  They will hear you laughing more.  Your DILF will notice that your skin is glowing.  Let them put two and two together.  The more they discover for themselves, the better. 

But you must be patient.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  And I know you want to talk about it.  Hell, you’re a woman… and you’ve discovered something that helps your nearest and dearest…YOU WANT TO SHOUT THIS FROM THE ROOF OF A WAL-MART!!  Like I said, that’s what your MILF friends are for.  Pick up the phone and tell them that your teenage son’s back acne is clearing up, but do not… and I mean DO NOT… post a photo of it on Facebook." 

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