Variety Schmariety

September 21st, 2012

"Many of us like to keep our food choices simple; we find that one perfect smoothie recipe and then repeat it every morning for a year.  We have our one go-to dish at the cafeteria.  When it comes to food, ruts are very easy to get into.

But that's a problem.  Your body has millions of different internal jobs to do every day to keep your vitality at its peak, and every natural food pitches in, in its own unique way, to help your body out.  Some foods bring warmth; others cookl things down.  Some benefit the nerves, while others go straight to the heart.  Even among whole grains, there are those that produce more contraction and others more expansion.  Nature has designed a plethora of choices to fulfill all our needs and yet we still organize our food the way we do our lives, making it regimented and scheduled and repeated".

–The MILF Diet, page 56

This weekend, BUST OUT OF A RUT!!

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