Yin and Yang, baby

October 16th, 2008

As you watch the Dow drop like a lead weight, do you expand or contract?  I mean it: upon hearing that the world is flying even more rapidly to Hell in a cute little handbasket, does your body relax or get tense?

It’s a very important question.

Crisis is yangizing.  Which means contracting.  When you hear that the economy is collapsing, you get tense, which is a form of contraction.  Fear causes contraction.

So if that’s what’s happening inside the body, what’s going on outside?  Same thing.  The economy is literally contracting–less money, less confidence, less expansion.  It is shrinking from all the contraction.  Yang force.

Now let’s keep in mind that this is what economies do–they expand and contract–like all things.  But this time, the contraction is mighty because the expansion was mighty.  Predatory lending allowed the economy to reach way beyond its natural limits, and now we’re experiencing the realest form of karma; what comes up must come down.  Or better yet: people who can’t afford $400,000 homes generally stop paying the mortgage.

I know you didn’t come here for a lesson in economics; believe me, I know less about the whole thing than many friends of mine, but I am looking at the whole thing through the yin/yang lens, which is what macrobiotics is all about.  And my study of yin and yang tells me this:  When one force goes to its extreme… it becomes (or creates) its opposite!  “Necessity is the mother of invention” is another way of saying “yang creates yin”.  How cool is that?  In other words, just as all those sub-prime loans turned into foreclosures, all this yang contraction should be turning into yin expansion sometime soon, because it’s pretty extreme right now.  But does that mean money will just fall on your head from the sky?

I doubt it.

The expansion happening now is occurring on subtle, but very powerful levels. So as you get squeezed materially, look for ways in which you are opening vibrationally: Is your mind opening up to new ideas and possibilities as opposed to running along its old, comfy channels?  Is your creativity generating new ways to conserve, or to share?  Is your heart opening up to people in a new way–feeling your interdependence?  Is your spirit expanding as you reach to God, or the Universe, screaming: “HELP ME PAY THE FREAKIN’ BILLS!!”  Although this transition may not be comfortable, as we relax into it, we may see ourselves changing in quite positive ways.  It’s a time for our spirits to expand.

An economy flooded with wealth feeds the illusion that we are separate, that we don’t need each other, or the natural world.  We each hang out behind our computer screens, buy “food” created in factories, move “money” around in cyberspace and generally lounge in our egos.  But massive global economic contraction challenges all that and eats away at the delusion of separateness.  As the material self (stuff) erodes, our vibrational selves (minds, emotions, spirits) are forced to intermingle.  And that’s good.  Because the truth is we’re all one, we’re all in this together, and it’s about time we figured that out.

Today, call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while and feel the wealth of human relationship.

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